fredag den 2. september 2011

Comics in OW

We are Octopulp. Bring us your children... No keep them we just like the attention.
 We are a comics collective with base in The Open Workshop in Viborg, Denmark.
Beside the fact that Octopulp is the name of our creative collective, it is also the name of our anthology print Octopulp Magazine which is published bimonthly.We have two issues out and number 3 in the making. 
We are 4 people doing this, Writer and artist Lars Kram do some great stuff in the anthology, recently it is Magic Porno Truth, it's not too late to jump on that train! Allan Haverholm is doing the artwork for the next issue.
Igor Noronha the brasilian guy, did the Zendahrit Chronicles #1 in the last issue. A gripping story that takes place in the same universe as Light Apprentice, Igor's main project on so many levels! 
Furthermore we have Martin Bruun Pedersen with his Evil Comix about all and nothing. It's not too late jump IN FRONT of that train. Good stuff.
Finally we have Tom Kristensen. He does some dark gothic tales and self inflicted stories in graveyards. His main project in OW is Deadboy! a comic we all hope will be finished soon including the artist himself. 

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  1. Thank you for your kind words, Tom. We hope that you'll come back to the octolab soon.