Walrus is a cross-media project developed by Denis Chapon. The story is about 4 arctic friends; 3 walruses and 1 polar bear. The project is to be an animated series taking up the topics of global warming, climate changes and disappearing of natural habitats of arctic animals.
It is an educational concept designed to teach children about the climate changes happening right outside their door.
Walrus tells the story of the walruses Bobby, Sam and Tina and the polar bear Paula, and how they set out on an iceberg to go to Antarctica which is a safer continent with solid ground. Along the way they will make many stops along the coast and meet different local animals. The iceberg is like the living room of a shared flat – the forum to discuss, prepare the meals, eat, argue and sleep. The planet they are crossing is perfectly identical to our contemporary Earth with only one exception – there are no humans.

This is a Multi-platform concept that enables and supports discussions with and between children about Geopolitical matters. The project revolves around a series of 6 minute episodes animated with real puppets made of paper in ‘shoe-box’ sets. The themes are expanding through different medias and activities using websites, Internet forum, Digital applications online as well as animation workshops on site.

The 4 main characters represent the four streams of reaction to environmental topics: Pragmatic, Scientific, Idealistic and Imperialistic. Bobby, the Pragmatic, is a simple and normal walrus. He loves his humble comfort and he is the engine that drives the main story because he wants to re-create that life when they arrive in the Antarctic.
Sam, the scientist, is Bobby’s best friend. Pessimistic, he knows a lot, but constantly doubts himself and the rest of the world. Paula, the idealist, is the female polar bear. She is a total hippie. Neevee, the imperialist, is the biggest toughest walrus ever. He wants to impose his power on every occasion.

Example of an episode:

The whale that became a mountain

Sailing around Iceland, the iceberg crosses the path of a breathing and moaning whale. The whale is calling her lost sister. The walruses want to help find the sister. They go on ground on Iceland and discover a geyser on top of a hill. Back on sea, they tell the whale that her sister became a mountain. But, no worries, she was alive because they saw her breathing (the geyser). They are all a bit confused when the real sister finally responds the calls in the sea. The walruses can continue their travel.